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Episode 1

Dave speaks with former Special Forces officer John Smith about his trials and tribulations in life before, during and after the military.

About the Podcast

How do high performers leverage the power of Spiritual Resilience to achieve greater meaning, purpose, and performance in their lives? Dave explores this question with his guests along with other key aspects of The Road to Resilience including team building, character development, and expeditionary readiness. More than just a podcast, our interviews are an important part of our program offering a chance to reinforce our waypoints and build community on The Road to Resilience.

The Host with the Most

David is founder of The First Twenty, a nonprofit dedicated to the health and wellness of America’s firefighters and first responders. First Twenty programs have served over 50,000 first responders nationwide and have been implemented by Fire and Police Departments throughout the country including the cities of Baltimore, Detroit, and Philadelphia. And, through government agencies such as the U.S. Air Force Fire Emergency Services and the U.S. Forest Service. More About Dave

Our Guests

Road to Resilience founder, Dave Wurtzel talks to high performers and thought leaders about the role of Spiritual Resilience in their lives. Lorem Onseque nonsedi toreium is mi, voluptatur sim re voloriatus debitium simus. Agnat harum ut harume volum et qui soluptatus aborro cum nihicia nihic tor aut et ommolo con.


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