What is Time Critical?

The Road to Resilience was developed with the Time Critical Athlete™ in mind.

The Time Critical Athlete™ maintains an acute awareness in crisis environments, makes decisions based on training, and takes decisive actions which contribute to mission success. They move, think, and act in a time critical fashion to save lives and property and bring the most of themselves to every moment.

The Foundation

Our spiritual resilience program lays the foundation for Time Critical Athlete™ to build and enhance their performance in these three areas:


We build communities of character, resilient leaders, and courageous followers who make decisions based on duty, integrity, respect, and courage.


We build physical performance into two main areas : physical fitness and nutrition. Physical fitness builds off of foundational movement awareness and strengthening exercises necessary for a strong and safe response to crisis environments. Our nutrition program builds off the stalwart of hydration and the elements of your daily nutrition vital for keeping you hydrated for optimal performance.


Our Core Four process of visualization, goal-setting, positive self-talk, and breathing was developed by British Special forces and helps the Time Critical Athlete™ bring the most of themselves to every situation.

Time Critical Challenges

The Road to Resilience program creates a foundation of spiritual resilience upon which the Time Critical Athlete™ and their teams can build the character, physical, and mental attributes necessary to step into unknown environments with the best of themselves. We have developed challenges to facilitate this process.



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