The Movement


In the movement to the Spiritual Frontier, we pause to see each other differently. With gratitude for the moment we have been given, embracing the obligation to those who have gone before, those who are with us now, and those who will pick up our mantle and come after us…We choose to engage in community. We believe that the greatest gift we can give somebody is to believe in them.

Self & Community

Science of Community

On The Road to Resilience, the specific purpose of our journey is to meet others in community, out in the Spiritual Frontier.

The Horizon of Self

It’s time to wipe the steam from the mirror and get a clearer, more definitive look at ourselves.

Community is Redemptive

Our love for community allows us to cross boundaries within ourself.

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Our Ideology

Meaning & Purpose

The mission of The Road to Resilience is to enable an Expeditionary Readiness which allows us to step into the unknown with greater meaning, purpose, and performance.

Mindfulness & Situational Awareness

This ideology is mission-critical in building mindfulness, situational awareness, and creating the effective teamwork necessary to power our performance at all times: on the job, at home, and in our neighborhoods. Spiritual Resilience fosters a purpose-driven ideology that gives us the strength, power, and capacity to overcome the bad habits, unintentional circumstances, and the survival instincts which keep us repeating the same unwanted behaviors.

Innate Connectivity

Spiritual Resilience is a transformative ideology fueled by our innate connectivity to those around us and part of a coupled systems approach that is vital for optimal performance by empowering us to separate action and reaction.

Formalized Process

Our program offers a formalized process to navigate complex and dynamic environments by building Spiritual Resilience.